How long have you been drawing?
About 4 years now. I used to draw cars and airplanes in 2D more than 9 years ago. But I didn’t draw between Year 7 and Year 10.

Are you a furry?
I never looked at it that way, I accept commissions and collabs from all walks of life (unless it’s blatantly degenerate or harmful), I’m not a big fan of abstract or modern art. I personally think furries are cute and triggers a positive response when drawn in a moral manner.

Have you ever attended art school?
No. But maybe in the future idk. I’m currently trying to get a degree in Software Engineering so maybe after that.

What is your art process?
My processes varies from piece to piece, but this is my general process:
1. Sketch and concept, collaborations, peer review ideas and occasionally crowd-sourcing ideas, mainly from Instagram followers.
2. Scan and import into either Photoshop or Krita. I usually use Photoshop for more textured art.
3. Block in colors and big shapes, and discovering flow in the composition.
4. Values!! Constantly enabling grayscale filter to check values. Color shifting to develop a palette.
5. Using 1 brush for painting and 1 for blending, usually preset brushes.
6. Checking poses and textures against references from Google Images and then applying custom or preset textures.
7. Details and filters and paint over lines.

Canvas size?
Usually i work in the 4:3 megapixel scale, but sometimes i do different stuff and 16:9, anything works.

Tech Related

What tablet do you use?
These are the tablets i alternate between:
– iPad Pro 1st Gen (12.9′, 256GB)
– Surface Book 3 (13.5′, 1650MaxQ/i7)
– Wacom Cintiq 13HD
– Wacom Intuos Pro M

PC Specs?
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3950x
Memory: 64GB DDR4
SSD: 1TB Crucial P1 NVMe SSD – Cache
HDD: 8TB HGST Deskstar Helium 7200
GPU: Nvidia RTX-2080Ti
Monitor: Cintiq 13HD + 27′ 4K Toshiba LED Monitor

Laptop: ASUS ROG 15’ 1660Ti/4800H

What software do you use?
– Photoshop, SAI, Krita, Blender on Desktop
– Procreate, Clip Studio on iPad